Wednesday, 8 May 2013

First Post

Hello, here we are again, after blogging privately about DirectX 11 development for vvvv, I felt I would open a new blog, since now I can speak openly about it.

Mostly (as usual), I'll speak about real time graphics and shader coding (really?), but also commenting on other activities on the front (vuo/realtime studio/vvvv....).

So here is a taste of what to come:

  • Shader Techniques
  • VVVV Stuff
  • Realtime Studio (Outracks) beta overview
  • Vuo presentation overview
  • DirectX 11.1 for High End machines (UAV at every stage !!!)
  • DirectX 11/11.1 for Low feature sets (tablets with no buffer support, phones with 9.3 feature level)
  • OpengGL
  • Cuda
  • Random mumbling :)
  • Flare (you'll hear about it)

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